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Writing in Map Café { NW5 }

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It probably helps that it’s just around the corner from our flat, but Map is one of my all-time favourite writing spots. I love its casualness. A stained glass door on the corner of Grafton and Inkerman swings into a small array of mismatched tables and wrought iron chairs. The walls are lined with a colourful selection of paperbacks, murals, T-shirts for sale and vinyl and CDs recorded in the music studio upstairs. A couple of steps lead down to the counter-kitchen and more seating with added cushions and newspapers.


Soooo relaxed. The elegant/eclectic decor is as varied as the clientele: a nice mix of musos, young families, freelancers and old dears. Music is played all day, which doesn’t always work for me when I’m trying to write, but it’s such good music you can’t really object. And if you want more space or sunshine there’s outdoor seating at the front, and a little roof terrace upstairs.


There’s free wifi if you ask for the password. For writing purposes I find it best to steer clear of the lunchtime rush, when the café is a favourite with the local yummy mummies and their tots. This can be quite fun if you’re in the mood for people-watching; if not the upstairs room is usually nice and quiet. Quite a few times I’ve been able to use it as my personal, sunlit study for hours on end!

Food & drink

Great array of fresh, homemade soups, sandwiches, hot dishes, cooked breakfasts and cakes. The staff are really sweet too.

The lowdown

“Finders keepers”  |  323 words-per-hour  |   websitemap

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